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Party Favors

Party favors ARE the party. They can be used to decorate, to play with, and to give in grab bags, or as prizes. With party favors, you can turn an ordinary room into a fun zone. Be the creative party planner and choose party favors with the theme of your party. Everyone loves to pick up a party favor, and they make great souvenirs of a wonderful party!

Colored Cross Party Favor Shutter Shades

Wholesale Colored Cross Party Favor Shutter Shades Price: $23.45

Great for giving away at your next party, these Colored Cross Party Favor Shutter...

Main Attraction Flashing Button

Wholesale Main Attraction Flashing Button Price: $11.68

Main Attraction Flashing Button

Create Out Loud Light Up Earrings

Wholesale Create Out Loud Light Up Earrings Price: $8.50

Perfect to accessories and illuminate the night with this flashing Star Light up...

Mini Tiaras Party Favors

Wholesale Mini Tiaras Party Favors Price: $12.95

Perfect for princess parties, this 4-piece Mini Tiaras Party Favors Set features...

Green Twist Sport Necklace

Wholesale Green Twist Sport Necklace Price: $14.38

Great for party favors or wearing any time, this Green Twist Sport Necklace...

Party Harmonicas Set

Wholesale Party Harmonicas Set Price: $21.54

Add musical delight to parties with this 2-piece Party Harmonicas Set featuring...

Holographic Birthday Boy Badge

Wholesale Holographic Birthday Boy Badge Price: $5.32

This holographic birthday boy badge will make that special guy in your life feel...

Plastic Christmas Sweater Bibs

Wholesale Plastic Christmas Sweater Bibs Price: $17.72

Twas, the night before Christmas, invite your friends and family for dinner and...

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