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Nothing says "celebration" more than confetti. For every type of party, celebration, or event, confetti lets people know these are good times. It comes in so many shapes, sizes, and colors. You can even get confetti with letters and numbers for specific occasions. Confetti looks beautiful sprinkled around place settings or randomly on tables. It spices up gift bags and buffet or dessert tables. No matter where you put it, confetti spells lots of fun!

Baby Boy Confetti

Wholesale Baby Boy Confetti Price: $15.92

Use Baby Boy Confetti for your gender reveal, place confetti inside your baby...

Jumbo Paper Confetti

Wholesale Jumbo Paper Confetti Price: $22.01

Great for surprise parties or as decoration, this bag of Jumbo Paper Confetti is...

Baby Girl Confetti

Wholesale Baby Girl Confetti Price: $15.92

Use Baby Girl Confetti for your gender reveal, place confetti inside your baby...

Multi-color Shredded Paper Confetti Pack

Wholesale Multi-color Shredded Paper Confetti Pack Price: $15.92

The Multi-color Shredded Paper Confetti Pack is perfect for filling gifts bags...

Bride Confetti

Wholesale Bride Confetti Price: $8.87

Put these heart-shaped confetti into invitations, thank you cards or sprinkle...

Printed Confetti

Wholesale Printed Confetti Price: $8.87

Printed Confetti .5 Ounce Bag

Christmas Confetti

Wholesale Christmas Confetti Price: $15.92

Celebrate Christmas with Confetti! It is perfect for placing in Christmas Cards,...

Romantic Confetti

Wholesale Romantic Confetti Price: $15.92

Place confetti inside your party invitation, inside gifts or sprinkle on tables...

Jumbo Craft Confetti Pack

Wholesale Jumbo Craft Confetti Pack Price: $11.76

Great for celebrating, this 2 1/2 ounce pack of metallic plastic shredded...

Variety Confetti

Wholesale Variety Confetti Price: $15.92

Confetti fits a variety of occasions. Place confetti inside your party...

Jumbo Metallic Confetti Pack

Wholesale Jumbo Metallic Confetti Pack Price: $25.86

Perfect for celebrating, this jumbo bag of confetti is sure to be the life of the...

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