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Birthday Candles

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Whether you're six, thirty-eight or ninety-four birthday candles are still an essential part of every birthday gathering. All of your friends and family will sing Happy Birthday to you and watch you blow out the candles on top of your beautiful and delicious cake! Don't forget the most important part - your wish! You can cover grandpa's cake in eighty-six candles, or get him birthday candles representing the numbers eight and six. You can get twisted candles, sparkler candles and really tall candles. Watch out for the trick relighting candles that won't burn out no matter how hard you blow. The honored guest gets to lick the frosting off of a candle or two!

Birthday Candle Set

Wholesale Birthday Candle Set Price: $25.35

Great for multiple occasions, this 72-piece Birthday Candle Set guarantees you'll...

Musical Party Candles

Wholesale Musical Party Candles Price: $25.35

Add a festive touch to any birthday cake with this fun set. Set includes one...

Birthday Candles With Decorative Holders Set

Wholesale Birthday Candles With Decorative Holders Set Price: $17.09

Give that birthday cake a bit more kick with this 36-piece Birthday Candles with...

Numbers Letters & Shapes Candles

Wholesale Numbers Letters & Shapes Candles Price: $5.96

Customize cakes and cupcakes with these fun Numbers Letters & Shapes Candles...

Colored Birthday Candle Set

Wholesale Colored Birthday Candle Set Price: $22.49

Add color and light to cakes with this 48-piece Colored Birthday Candle Set...

Top Secret Birthday Candle

Wholesale Top Secret Birthday Candle Price: $7.23

Blue candle with top secret agent overlay is 3" x 2 3/4" x 1/2". Wick is lead-...

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