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BBQ Skewers

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Bamboo Skewers

Wholesale Bamboo Skewers Price: $25.35

Perfect for grilling meat and vegetables, these Bamboo Skewers are a barbecue...

ProFresh Seafood Skewers

Wholesale ProFresh Seafood Skewers Price: $17.48

Craft an endless array of kabobs, fruit or veggie sticks, sushi sticks, and many...

Long Bamboo Skewers

Wholesale Long Bamboo Skewers Price: $13.27

Made from natural bamboo, this 40-piece Bamboo Skewers Set features extra long...

Yum! 100 Count Bamboo Skewers

Wholesale Yum! 100 Count Bamboo Skewers Price: $14.07

Create veggie kabobs, fruit stacks, and a variety of savory appetizers with this...

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